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Karaganda region - is a region in the Central part of Kazakhstan. The region occupies the most elevated part of the Kazakh melkosopochnik — Saryarka.
Currently, Karaganda region is the largest in terms of territory and industrial potential, rich in minerals and raw materials. The territory of the region in the new borders is 427,982 km2 (15.7 % of the total area of the territory of Kazakhstan), occupies the 49th place in the list of the largest administrative units of the first level in the world. Almost a tenth of the total population of Kazakhstan lives in the region.

The region includes 9 districts and 9 cities of regional subordination:

  • Abay district;
  • Aktogay district;
  • Bukhara-Zhyrau district;
  • Zhanaarka district;
  • Karkaralinsky district;
  • Nurinsky district;
  • Osakarovsky district;
  • Ulytau district;
  • Shet district;
  • city Karaganda;
  • city Balkhash;
  • Zhezkazgan city;
  • the city Karazhal;
  • the city of Priozersk;
  • the city of Saran;
  • the city Satpayev;
  • the city of Temirtau;
  • city Shakhtinsk.

Karaganda - is a city in Kazakhstan, the center of Karaganda region. It is a large industrial-industrial, scientific and cultural regional center. It is located in the Central part of Kazakhstan.
The territory of the city akimat of Karaganda is 498 km2, including 279 km2 of the city of Karaganda itself. Administratively, the city is divided into two districts: them. Kazybek bi and Oktyabrsky. Local government bodies are the city akimat and the city maslikhat.
In Karaganda region there are large enterprises for coal mining, enterprises of mechanical engineering, Metalworking and food industry. The city has a large number of enterprises of transport, education, science, culture and communication. Today Karaganda is one of the largest industrial, economic, scientific and cultural centers of Kazakhstan.


427,982 sq km.

Regional center

the city of Karaganda of the major cities – Karaganda, Zhezkazgan.

Neighboring regions and countries:

in the North it borders with Akmola region in the North-East of Pavlodar, on the East by the East Kazakhstan, in the South-East of Almaty, in the South of Zhambyl, Kyzylorda and Turkestan, to the West — with Aktobe and North-West — Kostanay.

Climatic conditions

Sharply continental temperate zone, arid. Winters are mild, short and with frequent thaws, summers are hot and long. Average temperature of January: in the North -8°C, in the South -3°C. average temperature of July: in the North +29°C, in the South +25°C. Average annual precipitation: in the North-150 mm, in the South-500 mm, in the mountains-about 800 mm. Average annual relative humidity: 55-60%.

Key socio-economic indicators


(1.12.2019, thsd. person)

1 376,6


( December 2019, per to December 2018, %)


Unemployment rate

(4st quarter 2019, %)



(January-September 2019 to January-September 2018, %)


Average monthly wage

(4st quarter 2019, tenge)

189 450


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