Karaganda region - is the largest industrial region, a powerful industrial center, which occupies a leading position in Kazakhstan. The industry is represented by the mining and metallurgical complex. Food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, light industry and construction materials industry have been developed.
GRP of Karaganda region for 2019 amounted to 2 158 billion tenge (the share of GRP of the region in the GRP of Kazakhstan was 7.7 %). Among the regions of Kazakhstan in terms of GRP Karaganda region is on the 7th place.

Main branches of economy


46% of Gross regional product

Significant reserves of 3 ferrous metals, 29 non-ferrous, 2 precious, 84 types of minerals, as well as energy

Projected resources of copper are estimated at about 30 million tons (Zhezkazgan, Karaganda and karkarala ore regions), gold-600-1000 tons, lead-21 million tons, zinc-23 million tons.

Karaganda coal basin-the main supplier of coking coal for enterprises in Kazakhstan 

JSC "ArcelorMittal Temirtau" produces 100% cast iron and 90% steel of the Republic 

The region's factories produce refined copper of the highest grade mooc 99.99%

The chemical industry produces sulfuric acid, nitrogen fertilizers, explosives, etc.


The coast of lake Balkhash has all the conditions for the development of beach tourism 

On the basis of historical and cultural monuments (Mazars of Zhoshy Khan, Alasha Khan, ancient cities of Baskamyr, Ayakkamyr, rock paintings of Terektiaulie, etc.) it is possible to develop ecological, historical, pilgrimage and excursion types of tourism

  Growth rates of economic sectors


(January-December 2019 to January- December 2018, %)



(January-December 2019 to January- December 2018, %)



(January-December 2019 to January- December 2018, %)



(January-December 2019 to January- December 2018, %)



(January-December 2019 to January- December 2018, %)



(January-December 2019 to January- December 2018, %)


Source: stat.gov.kz

Large reserves of gold, molybdenum, zinc, lead, manganese, tungsten are concentrated in the region. It is also worth adding huge reserves of coal (Karaganda coal basin), successfully developed deposits of iron and polymetallic ores. Deposits of asbestos, optical quartz, marble, granite, precious and ornamental stones, copper, oil, gas.

Resource and raw material base


The name of the field

Coal and lignite

Karaganda coal basin, Kuchinskoe and Baikonur field

Iron ore

Karsakpay, Atasuyskaya and Kar-kargalinskoe field

Manganese ore

Atasuyskaya, Drezdenska, Nistas, Karatas

Nonferrous metal

Dzhezkazgan Deposit of copper ore, Conradson Deposit, Kyzyl-espe, Akchagyl, Goliad

According to operational data for January-September 2019, Karaganda region produced industrial products worth 1916.1 billion tenge. The industrial production index was 100.9%. In the mining industry and quarrying in the reporting period compared to the same period in 2018, the industrial production index amounted to 112.8%. Non-ferrous metal ore production volumes increased by 30.9%, in other mining industries-by 19.9%. In the manufacturing industry, the index of industrial production in the reporting period compared to the same period in 2018 amounted to 96.6%. The largest decline was noted in the production of wooden and cork products, except furniture by 45.1%, rubber and plastic products-by 24.4%, other non-metallic mineral products-14%, coke and petroleum products-by 13.9%, chemical products - by 11%, mechanical engineering-by 9.5%, light industry-7.6%, metallurgical industry-by 1.7%. In electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning, the industrial production index in the reporting period compared to the same period in 2018 amounted to 104.4% due to an increase in the production, transmission and distribution of electricity - by 8%. In the water supply, Sewerage system, control over the collection and distribution of waste, the industrial production index in the reporting period compared to the same period in 2018 amounted to 99% due to a decrease in the volume of collection, treatment and distribution of water by 4.6%, reclamation and other services in the field of waste disposal - by 57.8%.

Structure of industrial production of Karaganda region by types of economic activity in January-September 2019

Type of activity

Volume of production of industrial products (goods, services),thousand tenge

The share of activities in the regional volume of industrial production, in %

Mining and quarrying

  • Coal and lignite mining 

  • Mining of metal ores

289 850,1

138 159,8 

115 945,7


Manufacturing industry

  • Food production 

  • Beverage industry

1 467 830,8

81 357,3

15 595,9


Light industry

3 852,2


Production of coke and petroleum products

22 763,7


Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products

40 368,0


Production of basic pharmaceutical products

3 819,0


Manufacture of rubber and plastic products

16 245,4


Production of other non metallic mineral products

47 849,2


Metallurgical industry

  • Ferrous metallurgy, in addition to the casting of metals 

  • Production of basic precious and non-ferrous metals

1 094 248,4

451 994,6

640 634,5


Manufacture of finished metal products, except machinery and equipment

26 246,8



106 903,8


Furniture production

1 753,8


Manufacture of other finished products



Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning

131 597,7


Water supply; Sewerage system, control over waste collection and distribution

26 858,2



1 916 136,8


Source: stat.gov.kz

Gross output of products (services) of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in the Karaganda region in January-September 2019 amounted to 250,753.4 million tenge, which is 4.4% higher than in January-September 2018.

Gross output of products (services) of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in Karaganda region in January-September 2019 (million tenge)

Agriculture, forestry and fisheries

from it:


from it:


plant growing


250 753,4

250 437,2

108 142,7 (43,18%)

141 756,2 (56,82%)

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