SEZ and IZ

Special Economic Zone "Saryarka" (hereinafter SEZ "Saryarka") was established by the Presidential Decree "On the organization of the Special Economic Zone "Saryarka" November 24, 2011 and is valid until December 1, 2036.

Location: Karaganda region, Bukhar-Zhyrau district, aul Doskey, accounting quarter 028, section 1383

The purpose of creation of SEZ "Saryarka": the development of the metallurgical industry and metal processing industry, in particular the production of finished products by attracting manufacturers worldwide brands.

Total area: 534.9 ha

Priority activities in the territory of the SEZ:
1) Production the metallurgical industry;
2) Manufacture of finished metal products, machinery and equipment, motor vehicles, trailers, semi-trailers, computers, electronic and optical products, electrical equipment;
3) Production of chemical products, rubber and plastic products;
4) Production of building materials and non-metallic mineral products.
5) Manufacture of finished metal products, except machinery and equipment;
6) Production of engines and turbines, except aircraft, automobile and motorcycle engines;
7) Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers;
8) Manufacture of computers, electronic and optical products;
9) Manufacture of electrical equipment;
10) Production of chemical products;
11) Manufacture of rubber and plastic products;
12) Production of building materials and non-metallic mineral products;
13) Production of hydraulic equipment;
14) Manufacture of other pumps, compressors, plugs and valves;
15) Manufacture of other valves and valves;
16) Manufacture of bearings, gears, gear elements and drives;
17) Manufacture of stoves, ovens and furnace burners;
18) Production of lifting and transport equipment;
19) Manufacture of hand electric tools;
20) Production of industrial refrigeration and ventilation equipment;
21) Production of cleaning devices for liquid minerals;
22) Production of equipment for the production, dispersing or spraying of liquid minerals or powders;
23) Production of cleaning equipment for the oil refining and chemical industries, beverage production industry;
24) Production of centrifuges (with the exception of cream separators and dryers);
25) Production of cooling towers for direct cooling through water recirculation;
26) Production of agricultural and forestry machinery;
27) Production of equipment for metal forming;
28) Production of other metalworking machines;
29) Manufacture of machinery and equipment for metallurgy;
30) Production of equipment for the mining industry, underground mining and construction;
31) Production of equipment for the production and processing of food, beverages and tobacco products;
32) Production of equipment for the manufacture of textiles, clothing, fur and leather products;
33) Manufacture of equipment for the manufacture of paper and cardboard;
30) Production of equipment for the processing of rubber, plastics and other polymeric materials.

Tax and customs preferences:
  • corporate income tax - 0%
  • property tax – 0%
  • VAT on imported goods – 0%
  • customs duties – 0%
  • land tax – 0%
  • land rent – 0 (for 10 years)    
  • provision of preferential infrastructure services
  • Simplified procedure for hiring foreign labor.

Requirements for the application for registration as a member of the SEZ
The applicant submits an application for obtaining the status of a member of the SEZ to the appropriate Management Company.

Attached to the application:
1) applicant's form in accordance with the form approved by the authorized body;
2) a notarized copy of the certificate of state registration (re-registration) of a legal entity (legalized document certifying state registration in a foreign country);
3) a notarized copy of a document certifying the identity of the first head of the applicant;
4) a notarized copy of the taxpayer’s certificate - until January 1, 2012 or a notarized copy of the document with an identification number - from January 1, 2012;
5) a notarized copy of the charter of a legal entity (legalized document);
6) a notarized copy of the decision of the supreme body of the legal entity on the implementation of activities in the special economic zone (legalized document);
7) a copy of the financial statements for the last reporting date, signed by the first head of the applicant or his deputy, as well as the chief accountant (accountant);
8) a feasibility study of the project that meets the requirements established by the authorized body;
9) an extract from the servicing bank of the movement of money in the applicant's bank accounts (of the absence of a filing cabinet) and a credit report from the credit bureau containing information on all or part of the information available in the credit history;
10) a certificate from the tax authority at the place of registration of the presence or absence of tax arrears and other obligatory payments to the budget.
11) a copy of the certificate of the absence of state registration as a taxpayer in the tax service bodies of the RK for foreign applicants who are not taxpayers of the RK legalized document - a notarized translation into Kazakh and / or Russian.
12) Help from the “First Credit Bureau” LLP about the absence of credit debt.

Republic of Kazakhstan, Karaganda Region, 100408,
Bukhar-Zhyrau district, aul Doskey, accounting quarter 028, section 1383
tel⁠.: +7 (7212) 40 50 60

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